1. Pho’ in my life

  2. Peace and chicken grease to @hiphopondeck in philly for holding me down

  3. Had the privilege of having this legend spin for me on the #GrowthTour @houstonassassin gave me more game about #HipHop in a 2hr ride than I’ve heard in many years Cred: @tymatyma

  4. Gunz 'n' Roses (A Story About Dreams) - JseLvs - Vevo

    "Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will" Face your fears and save your dreams. #NowWatching #GunznRoses by #JseLvs via @VEVO http://vevo.ly/gheGbj Like and share

  5. This is author #AngelaMedearis, she writes children’s books that allow children of color to see themselves as the hero instead of the villain. This so dope to me I wish this lady was writing books when I was in elementary.

  6. Gunz 'N' Roses

    Appreciating the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida love from getthatpaperson.com for helping #GunzNRoses making the rounds go check it out on the site!!! I get so much east coast love every time i drop something. Thank You for supporting San Jose California Hip Hop #LocalNobodies we not so local no more

  7. Tomorrow I’m releasing another outstanding trip into my imagination. This video is to a song called #GunzNRoses it’s about killing your fears to save your dreams or vice versa. Help me share this with the world.