1. How I feel at this very moment

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  2. #sweartogod #stg video shoot #sneakpeak #sanjosealldayeveryday

  3. Much love to @MimesiSociety blog for helping to spread the good word on my #devilspie video go check it out http://t.co/bRdu0cu1H0

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    Thank you to @SoloBeats1blog for supporting my new video for #devilspie . Have you had your slice today?

  5. "It’s a holy war-what you fighting for-we in this living hell knocking on heavens door" #gunsandroses #video realized @loganmeis bringing my imagination to life



    It don’t get no realer

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  6. We shooting the video for this guy today #Gunsandroses

  7. These dreams of mine have taken me to the moon and back had to catch this shot #jselvsphotos

  8. Summit Music Hall Denver Co


    please tell em again…

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